VIESA is an Ecological Cooler that, even with the engine off, diminishes the temperature in the truck cabins, road machines, caravans, etc. No matter how hot it is outside, VIESA creates an intensely fresh environment inside. The first model was designed by Colven in 1996. Since then, it has been updated up to reaching the point of leadership in Argentina and more than 20 countries where it is exported.


VITRAN is the brand of Tire Pressure Monitors. The different models are adapted to each unit, ranging from a motorcycle, to a dual-axis utility, contemplating the different pressure ranges and number of tires. Having the option of the sensors being internal or external. The Pressure Monitor has become a very important element linked to safety since in a vehicle the most important thing is to have the tires well calibrated when maneuvering or braking. In addition to the fuel savings that offers a correct calibration in the tires. VITRAN offers you a peaceful trip.


The VIGIA Motor Protector is a worldwide invention of COLVEN, developed and perfected since 1970. The function of this device is to stop the motor when an event of low oil pressure or high temperature occurs. More than forty years of permanence in the market made VIGIA a traditional brand and synonymous with engine protector. A VIGIA protects me, it's a classic of Argentine routes.
VIGIA tyre pressure system automatically and constantly maintains the pre-set tyre pressure. Given any pressure fall, even in case of a puncture, VIGIA alerts the driver and automatically activates the inflating process. Since 1984, when the first tyre pressure system is launched into the market, COLVEN has been updating and creating new models. Today, both its traditional version and the internal system are being traded in dozens of countries where VIGIA is the leader and synonym of quality.


In 1982 Colven developed the Rotation Control for Combines, under Vigia trademark, forerunner system of the present Rentagro Grain Loss Monitor. A revolutionary system which records, with highly sensitive sensor pads, the percentage of grains lost and thrown out to the stubble together with the waste during the harvesting. The newly launched Rentagro 3000 Planter Monitor, developed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, allows you to know in real time all the distribution variable of seeds and fertilizers.


The speed LIMITE device alerts by means of an audio-lit sign when the vehicle exceeds the pre-set speed limit. Once the signals from the speed electronic sensor are received, the LIMITE device automatically blocks the opening of the doors when the vehicle is in motion.


GESTYA is an advanced satellite information system which, besides offering in real time the location and condition of vehicles, offers exclusive monitoring of the Vigia engine protector and tyre pressure system. Apart from knowing at any time where your capital is, being able to choose the best route, keeping control of speed and stops, assisting the drivers while protecting the good condition of load, GESTYA together with Vigia means direct saving in engines, fuel and tyres.