Viesa Kompressor III is the result of over three years of work in collaboration with the Department of Thermotechnics of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Florence. Designed to guarantee the best climate comfort during parking, it keeps the temperature constant inside the cabin, ensuring a peaceful rest for the driver during parking breaks.



Viesa Holiday IIIs is a "made in Italy" evaporative air conditioner developed to cool the motorhome interior that uses the principle of water evaporation and naturally creates a condition of well-being directly on the person. In practice it favors the evaporation of moisture on the skin, consequently removing heat from the body. A different approach than normal air conditioners that cool the surrounding air and lower the temperature of the whole environment. Holiday IIIs is natural wellness with weights, dimensions and low consumption. Aerodynamic, silent, works at 12 volts and does not contain gas or chemical additives.


My VIESA is a portable evaporative air conditioner ideal for use at home, in a boat, in a camper, in a caravan, in a tent, in a bungalow or in a mobile home. It works at 12 volts and can also be powered via the cigarette lighter socket. It can consume up to 80% less than a traditional cooling system.