Viesa Kompressor III in Poland

Today we are glad to introduce Mr. Jan Zalubski the owner of ZET Transport sp. z o.o. the mother company of our distributor Truck Partner.

Who are you ?
My name is Jan Załubski. I manage ZET Transport, a privately held logistics company with over 25 years of experience on European markets and more than 500 employees. We act as road transportation across Europe and West Asia, intermodal, Road Feeder Service for air cargo, customs and dedicated services.

When did you start this job?
I launched the business together with my father and brother in 1993.

What difficulties did you find in your business ?
I do not find difficulties, I take up the challenges.

When did you start to work with VIESA Kompressor III ?
First VIESA Kompressor III units were installed in September 2018.

Why for you is important that the trucks are equipped with parking cooler ?
Our drivers do a hard and demanding piece of work. I feel this is our responsibility to support them as much as possible in their daily activities as well as during the resting periods. Parking cooler is a device that makes it more comfortable & safe and thus is indispensable tool in our trucks.

Write a phrase or word that describe you as person.
Be an enthusiast in everything you do!