Our official distributor for Finland

We are pleased to introduce our official distributor for Finland:

Who are you ?
MuiCon Oy is company specialized with bus HVAC area. We represent all main manufacturers with repairs, system and spare part sales, technical support and trainings. We have many years knowledge and experience with bus AC-systems.

When did you start this job?
MuiCon Oy is established on year 2014.

What difficulties did you find in your business ?
Diffuculties and challenges are mainly cheap copy parts coming on market.

When did you start to work with VIESA Kompressor III ?
We started working with VIESA Kompressor III in year 2018.

Why for you is important that the trucks are equipped with parking cooler ?
Parking cooler is enviromentally and economically reasoanable system to create truck driver comfortable working area. Very important equipped to secure driver working wellness.

Write a phrase or word that describe you as person.
We are fast, reliable and perseverance Team!