Our Baltic distributor (Lithuania)

Today We are pleased to introduce our Baltic distributor ENA LT and Mrs. Vaiva Pumputytė

Who are you ?
I am Vaiva Pumputyte, sales manager from company Ena LT, based in Lithuania, Vilnius. We specialise in truck accessories for drivers safety and comfort

When did you start this job?
I have been working in Ena LT since 2015

What difficulties did you find in your business ?
Every field has its own difficulties, I guess in our market the difficult part is that we have to educate fleet owners, that drivers comfort and safety is one and the same and it goes hand in hand.

When did you start to work with VIESA Kompressor III ?
We have been communicating since 2018, and now we are partners since 2019  

Why for you is important that the trucks are equipped with parking cooler ?
As I mentioned before, drivers comfort and safety should be priority to every company that owns trucks. Parking coolers assures, that the drivers are well rested after a long day. Driving, and especially resting in fresh, can be very difficult, and it could end up very sadly. Also, its saves a lot of money for fleets and it is good for environment!

Write a phrase or word that describe you as person.
A positive mind finds opportunity in everything