Who are you?

My name is Stuart McCormick and I am the sales manager  and part owner of Coldchain Temperature Control. Coldchain was formed in  1992 and from this date we manufacture refrigeration equipment for  vehicles

When did you start this job?

I started as an engineer when we  formed the company in 1992, carrying out service and diagnostic repair  of vehicle refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning systems.

What  difficulties did you find in your business ?

We thought Brexit was a  major problem until Covid-19 arrived but both of these will eventually  pass. Regulation in Europe is becomming a difficulty.

When did you  start to work with VIESA Kompressor III ?

We installed our first  Kompressor III in April 2018. Our history with Colven however started in  2003

Why for you is important that the trucks are equipped with  parking cooler ?

Driver comfort, well being and security are the most  important aspects for maintaining a smooth running logistic network. The  cabin is their office and home. Without a parking cooler these drivers  will run the engine to keep cool when under pressure.

Write a phrase  or word that describe you as person.

Deliver the best product and service, forge longterm relationships.