Loris van de Kassteele is the new Sales Manager for the industrial vehicles sector

ItalColven appoints Loris van de Kassteele, 44, as new Sales Manager for the industrial vehicles sector of the brand Viesa. The manager joins the ItalColven company, a subsidiary of the Argentine Colven, bringing his 23 year experience in the world of industrial vehicles. "I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that Viesa is giving to me. The new VIESA Kompressor III was developed with only 39 components compared to the 172 of its predecessor" - says Loris van de Kassteele - "Everything is innovative in the Kompressor III: the black color matches perfectly with most of the cabins and incorporates the dark color of the portholes, the body material is obtained by molding expanded polypropylene, which makes the system very light, but also extremely resistant, soundproof and thermally insulated. Only 14 kg, a low height and aerodynamic profile give further savings on diesel consumption. Kompressor III marks a new standard in the world of stationary air conditioners for industrial vehicles".